Hankook Dynapro MT

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Amazing tires. Great price! If you don’t run these tires, [Content Removed]

Amazing in snow, self cleaning in the mud, and the run at 3psi just fine in the orevon sand. Hills are no problem. Tough as hell too. I’m buying another set now before they are discontinued!

Purchased in November 2020 at Walmart for $600 .

Awesome tyres – I can not fault them!

I’ve had these tyres (33×12.5R15) fitted to my GQ Patrol for 3 years. Everywhere I’ve driven be it beach, bush, mud, snow or highway I’ve been impressed with the performance, handling and wear. Most of my driving is offroad on Victorian alpine tracks and fellow 4WDers are always impressed when they see the traction and control I have on slippery and loose surfaces.

I’ve had many different brands of mud tyres on 5 different vehicles over the years and these are by far the best in terms of value-for-money without any compromise on performance, and I don’t find them noisy at all compared to past experiences.

Highly recommended and will buy again without thinking twice.

Purchased in January 2018 .

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New Dynapro MT2

Had the Dynapro 1 for 4.5years fantastic tyres. So when it came time for new ones I went straight to the new model. After just 50km on a dirt road and 200km on sealed road the side walls all have cuts in.
I’m now forced to either leave them on the car with damaged side wall or buy new ones as they don’t cover on warranty.

Purchased in January 2021 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $350 .

  • 2 reviews

Noisy tyre’s

The most noisy tyre’s I’ve ever owned, corrugated roads. Don’t get me started, slide from one side to the other,no matter what tyre pressure is in them..never again for me. 2/3/22 thought id give quick update I’ve had them almost 2 years still as noisy as they always were.if they weren’t so loud you couldn’t knock them still maybe 6 months or so left in them..

  • Build Quality

Find out how Hankook Dynapro MT compares to other 4WD Tyres

Know better, choose better.

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100,000 kms and still going strong.

Awesome tyres that have driven tough rocky dirt roads and highways.
Just clicked over 100,000 kms on these tyres on my DMax. Got another 2.5-3000ks left before it’s time to get some new ones.

Couldn’t be happier!

  • Build Quality

Bombproof tyres

Purchased a 2007 BT50 in August 2017 with near new tyres, 160k on the clock.
June 2020, just clicked over 220k with same set of tyres still with 30% left.
No off-road, mostly light loads on the ute.
Tyres are rotated every service 10k.
A little noisy but hey it’s a mud tyre.
Highly recommended..

Purchased in August 2017 .

  • 2 reviews

Awesome Value, cannot fault performance

Had these fitted on a 2 door Jeep Wrangler in 265/70/17. Great value at approx $230 per tyre, compared to ~$400 for other popular brands. These have performed extremely well on road, very quiet for a MT and super grippy in all conditions wet or dry. Off road I’ve had great performance in gravel, mud and snow no punctures or issues whatsoever. 100% will buy again.

Purchased in August 2018 for $230 .

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Mine Made in China,NO Probs

These tyres, 6 x Dyna Pro MT, LT 265/70/17 are made in china but performed outstandingly on a trip from Perth to cape York and back.15,479 ks in all.Most of it off road. 6 weeks,August-October 2019.
some of the roughest off road tracks in Aus, including the Hickman Crater,Plenty hi-way,Telegraph road and Frenchmans track, not a single flat or blowout.Well worth the money.Very tough tyre. Still have 90% tread left.

Purchased in September 2019 at Bob Jane T-Marts for $1,700 .

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Awesome tyre

Great tyre took us all over cape York with zero punctures. Great traction in all conditions on our navara. Fuel usage increases a little though but that is a minor detail for a brilliant tyre.

Purchased in May 2019 .

Find out how Hankook Dynapro MT compares to other 4WD Tyres

Know better, choose better.

If I could rate below one star I would. Terrible tire do not buy. Spend the extra money.

Slippery in wet. Cut easy . Weather affects and warranty doesn’t get honoured by hankook. Very noisy. Wear terrible. Do not buy this brand of tyre. Hankook doesn’t care about their customers!

Purchased for $275 .

Solid off-road tyre

I wanted a LT construction tyre that wouldn’t let me down off-road in my Pajero Sport (2017) on any terrain or condition and after 5000kms of use in sand, mud, gravel and on-road I have been happy in almost all regards. Reliability wise, no issues. It takes on any terrain and gives you the confidence expected when travelling off road to not have to worry about damaging the tyre. On road handling in dry and wet has been good and even better than some passenger tyres I have had on previous sedans. On-road noise isn’t a problem either and it’s on

. Read more ly mildly louder than the H/T Duelers they replaced. The only downsides should be obvious when selecting this type of tyre and they are fuel consumption and vehicle performance. Yes file consumption went up an easy 10% because being a 10 ply light truck construction tyre they are close to twice the weight of a passenger construction tyre and therefore you’re rotating twice the weight when moving. This is also where the performance takes a hit and also because I went up in size from a H/T 265/60/18 to M/T 275/65/18. I ended up getting a tune so this doesn’t effect me anymore but it is something you may need to consider.

Purchased in February 2019 at Tyrepower for $1,320 .

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Great tyre

Quiet for a mud on the road, and performed excellently off-road on loose rock and deep mud. Stiff sidewalls, aired down to 20 psi and they still kept their form very well

Purchased in April 2019 at JAX Tyres.

Find out how Hankook Dynapro MT compares to other 4WD Tyres

Know better, choose better.

Good Muddie

Grab a set for my 80 series 33 12.5 15 mainly cause they were cheap and Jax Edgy help me out with the 5 yr old bf"s throwing the tread
found them to be a excellent Mud tyre and more them capable but surprisingly how well they ran on the open road as well only did 15k on them before i updated the truck
the question would i buy them again . Yep for sure

  • Car 80 series

Wow what a surprise

I know I’m just saying what everyone else has been saying about these tyres. But WOW what a surprise. Spent most of my life buying tyres for fast race/sports cars. So I have always had the mentality of the more you spend, the better the type you’re going to get. However even though the hankook’s price point is very affordable (I bought it with a buy 3 get 1 free deal @ 280 a pop), the performance bl00dy awesome.

Coming from a set of General Grabbers MT, life feels so comfortable on these Hankook MTs. Will post back once i take them off road,

. Read more however a mate has a set of the Hankook MTs on his landcruiser and so far they have not disappointed. Heard some guys say they have gotten 80k from a set of these running on a heavy truck like a Patrol GU. Keep up the good work Hankook for making an awesome product at a very affordable price. Just because we love them, please don’t jack up the price because we might not like them as much anymore LOL

  • Car Nissan Patrol GU
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Customer for Life!

We were Mickey Thompson through and through until a trip to Cape York saw the side walls bust open on 3 out of 4 new tyres and Mickey Thompson in Cairns didn’t want to know us.
So for our trip to Cape York last year we looked long and hard and the general consensus from blokes at work were go the Hankook Dynapro ATMs. Good meat on the sidewall but not too much to be noisy and they last.
So we put them to the test. They’ve been to Cape York and back and 12 months later they’re still as good as new.
Yep. I’m a fan. Put them on both of our Hiluxes now.

  • Car 2013 Toyota Hilux

Questions & Answers

can the Hancooc Dynapro ATM be fitting to a 7 inch rim. I have heard they can only be fitted to a 7.5 inch rim or larger. I currently have 255/60/R18 fitted to my MUX. Thanks in advance.
Regards Paul

what price 265 65 17

This is a general question and comment, so feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Tyre pressure!
Before leaving the tyre fitters with the Hankook Dynapro MT’s on, I asked what pressure should they run at.
The answer was. ‘don’t go below 55psi!’
That surprised me as all my tyres have always been around the 40psi mark.
His explanation was. ‘it’s a light truck tyre and any lower psi (at speed) will do irreversible damage to the carcass. They are meant to run at a higher pressure!’.
Sure enough, I emailed Hankook to double check and their answer was. ‘they should/best run (especially carrying weight) at 80% of max pressure (which is 80psi).
That makes the recommended pressure to be around 64psi!
So, I run mine from 55psi up to 60psi, depending on weight carried. I’ve now done over 54,000ks. They still run well, the wear well and no signs of any deterioration on sidewalls, etc.
The only downside is that I’m relentlessly mocked at work by mean people who thing I’m weird for enjoying running on solid rubber that shakes the teeth out of their sockets! (;->

But. I’ve got very broad shoulder and know that my Hankooks actually handle very well on the road and are very acceptable in the bush.

So, is that information useful to anyone and does someone have any comments to add to the tyre pressure info, as I’m always keen to learn more here?